Our Approach

SWL (StollenWerks LLC) is a strategic consulting company, focused on helping organizations, businesses and individuals realize the full potential of their projects by providing inspiration, practical insight and structure.

We speak in plain language, think creatively, and keep the end in mind so our clients are happy with the results. SWL loves taking a big idea with a lot of potential and turning it into a plan that shows the steps to make that idea a reality. Our team thrives on vision, and we value the useful, the practical and the direct.

Our favorite projects bring organizations and individuals together to do bigger things than anyone could do alone. Much of our work centers on resilience, especially as it relates to individual and community health and the broader health care system. We understand the complexities of federal and state policy, and bring deep experience in what it takes to connect and inspire groups work together at the regional and local levels. We seek out opportunities that span boundaries to have a positive effect on the day-to-day lives of people like you, your peers and workmates, neighbors, friends and family.