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The Gravity of Office Chairs: Is Bouncing Better?

By Diane Stollenwerk

Confession time: I get excited about starting things. The idea, brainstorming, strategy and planning, preparing, setup, then the kick off! It starts with a vision, spurred by passion, like rocket fuel that powers momentum to take action.

So, after we on the SWI team decided to “walk the talk” and commit to being role models for healthy living, I was excited to open the Amazon box with the exercise ball that would take over as my office chair. The purpose is to help strengthen my core while I sit at my computer for hours. Would this little pile of plastic really support me? Would the goofy little foot pump that came with it actually work? Yes and yes. In fact, once assembled, I loved the bounciness of my new chair: the grin on my face fits feeling like being a kid again as I bounce.

I’m bouting now and when I do that mu typo rate goes up a tag. (Enough.)

Sitting still on the ball is better for being productive at the computer. I can feel my leg, stomach and back muscles helping to keep the ball stable and still. That’s easy. What takes adjustment is the inability to easily scoot over to open a file drawer like I could in my old rolling office chair. The ball takes up space too, so I am reminded that putting piles of papers on the floor does not constitute “filing.”

The effort to continue to make small adjustments to maintain the momentum doesn’t come as easily. Gravity pulls hard: the old chair in the corner whispers, “Come on, I’ll roll wherever you want so you don’t have to use a muscle.” Gravity is the problem. It weighs me down, and pulls me back to the less healthy rut.

Thank goodness the work we do at SWI provides many bursts of rocket fuel reminders. Two big ones are the importance of being healthy, and the integrity of ensuring that what we do is consistent with what we encourage others to do.

Gotta get to another project, so could you hand me that file over there please?

How do you maintain a healthy posture at your desk? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below or bounce on over to the Stollenwerks, Inc Facebook page.